The UA&P Cloud and your UA&P Account

What is a UA&P Account?

The UA&P Account (or UA&P Cloud Account) is an account given to students , faculty, staff, and alumni of UA&P. Having a UA&P Account allows one to access the university's cloud-based services, which also known as the UA&P Cloud.

The UA&P Cloud is an online communication and collaboration platform that integrates email, instant messaging, calendar-sharing, group and document collaboration, website creation, classroom management, and other utilities for students, faculty, and staff of UA&P.

The tools and resources available in the UA&P Cloud are provided to facilitate research and instruction within and outside the university domain. The applications and services are tightly integrated and, since they are web-based, are not platform-specific. This means that you can run these applications with any web browser and an Internet connection---be it on a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system.

The online services of the UA&P Cloud run on the G Suite from Google.

How can I get a UA&P Account if I still do not have one?

Every student or staff of UA&P will be given a UA&P Account ( upon enlistment or employment. Freshmen students are normally given their UA&P Account details during the Freshman Orientation before the start of the school year. Employees are given their UA&P Account access instructions after being hired during the employee orientation.

If you still have not been given a UA&P Account, you may fill out the UA&P Account Request Form. Once your application has been verified and processed, you will receive the details to your new UA&P Account through the alternative email address you provided in the application.

I have forgotten my UA&P Account password. What should I do?

It happens. Don't worry about it. Send us an email via and we can clear it up for you.

We also suggest that you add your recovery phone number to make it easier for you to regain access to your account if you happen to forget your password or are locked out.

How do you assign the names in UA&P Accounts?

We follow a firstname-dot-lastname naming scheme for all UA&P accounts. The first name is a real name and not a nickname or vanity label. If the account holder has more than one first name, we pick out either one of the names---normally the one for which the person is known---or concatenate all the first names together. Hyphens in names are retained in the accounts.

If the account holder bears a name for which he or she is hardly known for by colleagues, a nickname can be used instead of the real name. We do entertain requests from users who want to replace their username. Send us an email via

We can also provide a nickname address, which uses the nickname but still following the usual username format. The nickname or alias address can be used by your colleagues to send you email and messages addressed to it go to the same inbox as your official account. However, you cannot use your nickname for signing in since the official username will be required.