WiFi Access Issues

I am encountering problems connecting to the University Wi-Fi.

The following issues may have caused the problem:

a) wrong password - see if you got the password right. For example, you may check if the letter is in uppercase or lower case or verify if the character is a zero or a letter O.

b) the WiFi password has changed - configure your device to "forget the network" first and then try accessing the WiFi again. You may follow our online guides on how to 'forget the network' on Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices.

If none of the solutions mentioned above helped, please get in touch with the ICT personnel using any of the contact information below.

The Internet connection is weak or poor.

The following issues may have caused the problem:

a) your area has poor WiFi coverage or is beyond the reach of a quality WiFi signal - if you see the WiFi icon on your device displaying just a few bars, the signal quality may be poor in your area. Kindly send us your feedback using the contact details below so we can improve the quality of the WiFi hotspot coverage in the area of the campus that you identified.

b) defective WiFi access point (device) - if you notice that everyone else in your area accessing the same WiFi has the same problem, please report it to the ICT office so we can immediately fix the device.

b) Internet connectivity problem with our service provider - kindly inform the ICT office so we can verify the issue.

I cannot access a specific site.

If you see the ARGH! Uappy-Fi drawing appear on your web browser, it means that the site you were attempting to visit falls under a specific category that does not comply with the University's Web Use Policy.

The site categories are based on a central content filter database and may contain erroneous or inaccurate entries. You may request for a review of a specific site category by filling out this online form if you think the online resource in question does not violate the University's Acceptable Use Policy.