Wi-Fi for University Guests

The Official Guests of UA&P can access the University Wi-Fi by connecting to the "UA&P Guest" SSID. Official Guests include Library researchers or participants of official UA&P events.

If you are a Guest of the University

If you are a University guest and would like to use the University WiFi, please ask for the assistance of a Library staff or the Event Organizers.

If you are an Organizer of an official University Event

If you are organizing an event and would wish your guests to access the University Wi-Fi using UA&P Guest, you may send an email to ict.helpdesk@uap.asia, specifying the date, time, venue, and expected number of participants for the activity. If approved, the ICT staff will contact you for the access details.

Please bear in mind that Guests are NOT allowed to use the other University SSIDs such as Uappy-Fi and UA&P Roam.


The use of the University Wi-Fi network and computing services is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy of UA&P. Availing of the services implies that you abide by the University policies.