Student Wi-Fi Access

The Uappy-Fi Wi-Fi i signal is available in every Wi-Fi hotspot area around the University campus. It is designated for the exclusive use of UA&P students who wish to access the campus network with their mobile devices.

The Uappy-Fi service is for the exclusive use of students in UA&P. Please do not disclose this access information to guests or outsiders. UA&P staff are only allowed to access the UA&P Roam signal, which has been set up for their exclusive use.

How do I connect to Uappy-Fi?


A pre-shared key is shown below. It will only appear if you are a student of UA&P and are currently logged in to your UA&P Cloud ( account. If you only see a blank box, that means you have not signed in using your UA&P cloud account.

This pre-shared key is also sent to all students through their UA&P ( email accounts.

This key will be used to connect to Uappy-Fi and will be replaced on a regular basis. Be sure you access your UA&P Account regularly so you don’t miss a beat.

UA&P Student Wi-Fi Access Code

Step 2: PROCEED TO A WIFI HOTSPOT ON CAMPUS. Wifi Access Points (or hotspots) can be found in selected public areas of the UA&P campus. You can access the network through Uappy-Fi if your device is within the range of the wireless signals.

Step 3: CONNECT TO THE ‘UAPPY-FI’ WIFI SSID. Enable Wifi on your device. When prompted to choose a network, look for the SSID listed as ‘Uappy-Fi’ and click to join it.

Step 4: ENTER THE PASS KEY AND START SURFING. Use the pre-shared key (see step 1) when you are prompted for the access password and Voila! You’ve just been Uappy-fied!